The reports provide a summary of a farm or field, in a certain period of time. It contains all the general information of the field, the season records, the management zones, a graph of the crop status and the satellite images (NDVI) of that period.

The reports are ideal for sharing information in a fast and professional way, with management levels, contractors, clients, etc.

The reports can be downloaded in pdf format.

1- Choose a farm.

2- Click on the Report option in the left side menu.

3- Choose the Fields to report or select All for a complete summary of your Farm.

4- Choose the period of time you want to report.

5- Are you ready? Click on Generate to get a report.

6- These reports can be edited.

.You can add information as well as delete or add modules to it.

You can also add the logo of the entity that is generating the report.

7- Once you have chosen the sections you want to keep in the report, click on the printer icon to download the pdf. That's it!

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