The procedure for creating a management zone varies depending on the device you are using.

In the case you are using a computer/notebook the process is as follows:

1- Choose a farm and a field to draw a management zone.

2- Click on Management zones in the side menu.

3- Click on New and start drawing. Here you can draw both points and polygons

4- Once the drawing is finished, choose a category for the management zone. In this section it is possible to use the pre-existing ones as well as to generate new ones.

5- Then it is possible to assign variables to each category with its respective unit. In the case of soil sampling, where the variable and the unit will be determined by a laboratory, it is possible to create them from the Excel spreadsheet (point 7)

Once the variables are loaded, the sample will look like this:

6- Creation of multiple management zones: in this step, the next management zones to be loaded will recommend the last category/ies used and their associated variables so that the registration process is dynamic.

NOTE: when creating a management zone, the last category used with its respective variables (if any) will always be recommended. If you change the category for one already used, also the last variables (if any) associated with that category will be recommended. Finally, if the variables were to have VALUES loaded, the variables will not be automatically updated in order to avoid loss of information.

7- Download and upload Excel: from this option it is possible to export and import excel spreadsheets so you can synchronize the values of each variable and category

In the form we will observe the following data:

  • Code: identifier of the management zone that will allow them to be referenced and generate bar codes

  • Auravant_Spot_ID: identifier to synchronize with the platform. This cell should not be edited. In case of modification, the excel cannot be imported

  • Farm: grouper of the field

  • Field

  • Registration date: management zone creation date

  • Category: categories/tags filtered

  • Centroid: coordinate of the point or centroid of the polygon as appropriate

  • Variables: they can be created in the platform or in the excel with their respective units. The latter must be in parentheses and exist in the platform, for example, (Kg/ha), (%), (ml/ha). It is also possible to associate a numerical value to them

Mobile devices

1- To view the management zones created, click on the management zones button on the right side of the screen.

2- If you want to create a new one, you must click on the (+) button, select management zones and indicate where it should be located. If you are in the field you can use the coordinate of your current location. Otherwise, it is possible to select it manually, by moving the map. It is also possible to take photographic records by clicking on the camera button.

3. Finally, click on add to save it. It is important to note that if the management zones were generated offline, all the data will be synchronized with the platform once you have an internet or wifi connection, and you will be able to view them again in the web version and in the scouting reports.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To make sure that they are synchronized, click on the "Synchronize" button in the user menu

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