After entering the report option, the first step required to generate the report is to select the farm in which the scouting was performed and you want to obtain the report.

Once the farm is selected, the type of report to be used is necessary. In this case you must click on the option Farm Visit Report.

There, it is possible to select the period of dates to report. By selecting this range, all the data present in this date range will be attached.

In turn, to save time and generate multiple reports, you can choose multiple fields to report in one action.

To move forward with the generation of the report, it is necessary to click on Generate, and the report(s) for the fields you have selected within your farm will appear.

If you need to modify the report and add comments or observations, you can activate the edit mode with the "Edit" button.

Some data included in the first section of the report are the area, crop and variety (if it exists in the season record), author, farm and field name.

General Status of the Field

This section of the report is dedicated to the images captured and attached to the various management zones and sampling points made in the field.

Detail of the farm visit

In the scouting’s detail sector, you can add humidity and temperature data at the time of the scouting and the score given to the field. In this way, you are able to load general comments of the scouting.

In the image of the selected fields, the reference of the identified management zones will appear in each one of them.

At each of these points, you will be able to select the tag corresponding to the zone being surveyed and add comments.

For each field, the report has a space to make a particular or specific application recommendation.

Each of the available blocks in the report can be deleted or duplicated by clicking on the Next button in each section:

Finally, it is possible to download the report in pdf format, save it in this section, print it or send it by email directly.

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