In order to be able to sample in different areas of the field, it is essential to first define the zones. If you have not yet created your zoning, click here.

In case you are going to sample in a farm/field in which you do not have a good internet connection, we recommend you to download the map in order to visualize it offline.

Once in the field, go to the section "My Maps" where you will find all your field zones and prescriptions. There, by selecting the one you are interested in, you can visualize the different zones you have previously defined.

Then, in order to create the sampling points, click on the (+) button, which is located in the lower right sector of the screen. There, entering in management zones you can create the georeferenced point or polygon, to which you can associate both comments and photographs.

It is important to note that when you finish generating these samples, not only will they be saved in the mobile app but also in the web platform. There you can share them with other users, clients, producers, etc.

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