A work order is a document that details in writing the instructions to perform some kind of work or assignment. Auravant has developed this feature within the "Farm Record" module. It allows you to create orders in PDF or Excel format of the work to be done, such as Sowing, Application or Harvest, with details of inputs, doses and totals to be used.

The following is a step-by-step explanation of how to generate a work order in Auravant's platform:

1. Record the labor to be performed in the "Activities" section

2. Once the record has been generated, go to the "Work orders" section

3. There, choose one or more of the previously registered activities that will be ordered to be carried out

4. Then, complete the order, which will be associated with the data recorded in the previous activities. At this point you can add data such as name, date, notes and recommendations associated with temperature, wind direction and speed, and humidity

5. Once saved, the document can be previewed and/or downloaded in Excel or PDF format

In case of making a mistake in loading any data or wanting to edit a previously saved order, the user can do so by clicking on the saved order and selecting the marker on the upper right margin, as shown in the following image:

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